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Squirrel Hill > Calendar > Local Calendar > 06 Apr 2008 > BIG LOVE by Charles Mee
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BIG LOVE by Charles Mee
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06 Apr 2008
America’s most innovative playwright re-imagines the western world’s oldest play in Big Love, a chaotic juxtaposition of poetry, dance, music, and violence inspired by Aeschylus’ The Suppliant Maidens. Fifty reluctant brides seek refuge in Italy from their fifty insistent suitors. What’s a girl to do when her would-be spouse won’t take no for an answer? Kill him. Brutally. Charles Mee’s acclaimed play plunges us into a rollercoaster war of the sexes and rhapsodizes sisterhood, independence, and rare true love.
This production contains violence, profanity, and some nudity.

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