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Squirrel Hill > Calendar > Local Calendar > 14 Nov 2008 > Off The Wall 2008: Reggie Watts - Disinformation
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Off The Wall 2008: Reggie Watts - Disinformation
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14 Nov 2008
Friday, November 14, 2008
The Warhol Theater
8 p.m.
Performed by Reggie Watts
Directed by Tommy Smith

Anthropological humorist Reggie Watts utilizes the latest in presentational technologies to comment on humanity’s refusal to accept an eventual global shift towards unimaginable destruction. A mélange of absurdist storytelling, video imagery, geometric movement sequences and spontaneous musical compositions, Disinformation is a comedic conceptual deconstruction of the human need to understand itself. A staple of the international performance scene, Reggie received the 2006 Andy Kaufman award for comedic performance.

Tickets: $20/ $10 Student

“Watts’ voice is astonishing; it’s sort of Meredith Monk-meets-Mel Blanc and at parts of [‘Disinformation’], it will most certainly blow your mind.”
– Portland Mercury

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