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Wired to Win
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09 May 2008
Wired to Win, an extraordinary new film in IMAX®, showcases the amazing ability of the human brain to overcome adversity, accomplish the near-impossible, and power each of us to victory and success in life.

The brain’s abilities are illustrated through cyclists racing in the Tour De France. Over the course of the event, they are caught up in hair-raising crashes, dramatic battles over the Alps and Pyrenees and action-packed descents down steep mountain roads. Their ultimate goal? The finish line on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

The film raises the questions "how do they do this?" and "why do they do this?" Ultimately the answers lie within the mind and the human brain itself.

$8 adults; $6 children 3-12 and seniors 62+

$7/$5 for members

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