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Secrets of Circles
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06 May 2008
Circles are pretty amazing shapes. Look around, you’ll find them everywhere - wheels, clocks, flowers, doorknobs, Frisbees, coins, even the bagel or pita bread in your lunch.
In this new exhibit, explore the math, science and beauty behind the familiar shape of the circle found in nature, machines and art, in cultures all over the world.
  • Build your own gear contraptions to turn a music box dancer, a clock and a drill
  • Step inside a giant tire and try to get it moving
  • Do the Pendulum Dance - back-and-forth plus up-and-down sometimes equals round-and-round!
  • Play with unusual cars with various shaped wheels and see the different rides they offer
  • Make a cool kaleidoscope
  • Carve wood on a lathe
  • Pretend and play in a global market full of circles

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